Does university prepare for the work?

If you ask me if university prepares me for the world of work, I would say I don’t know at all, because I never worked professionally. However, I have got two training period experiences and I see people’s cases around me. In these two experiences and observations, I saw university and working lives are different from each other. So, I don’t believe university prepares me for the world of work.
In high school, you are thought that you should enter university, because it is essential for the world of work. Yes, it would be right for entering the firms, because, all of the firms search for people who are graduated from university. However, a university diploma is not a guarantee that you will enter a firm or you will be successful in the world of work. Firstly, we can see that many primary school graduates are more successful in the world of work than university graduates. They can make more money than university graduates.
Secondly, we can also find there are many unemployment people who are graduated from university. Because, they lose years at university and can’t train for the world of work. While coevals of them who don’t go to the university are starting to work and make money, they only go to university, study very hard, try to pass their exams, and they get older. When they finish university, they don’t know what to do. They can’t make money very much, years pass and they find themselves retired.
Thirdly, the lessons of universities are not practical. They are theoretic. If you are a practical person, you can’t be very successful at universities. However, you can be successful in the world of work. If you have a theoretic brain, you will be very successful at universities. You will have good grades. You can be even the first of whole university. However, when you meet the world of work, you can be shocked and unsuccessful in the world of work. We can see many examples about this thesis. Idle students usually turn to successful workers. Diligent students usually turn to unsuccessful or unemployment people in the world of work. I don’t remember who, but a teacher of us has said: “If you are a diligent student, don’t belittle your idle friends, because you will work under them in the world of work”.
Lastly, many people don’t continue their branch which they started at university. They do different jobs. They usually become more successful at this different branch. This is a very big proof about university doesn’t prepare us for the world of work, because your abilities orientate you to your job. Not the lessons you see at university… Everybody forgets what they learned at universities (except language of course). However, nobody forgets their experiences and abilities.
If your aim is a diploma which will be a life-buoy for you, go to the university. However, if your aim is to prepare yourself for the world of work, for going to the university, think this twice. While you are going to the university, also try to develop your abilities, because they will give the biggest help to you in the world of work. Your abilities and experiences prepare you for the world of work.

19.01.2005 / Advanced English

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