• My Music Archive

    Cassettes, CD’s, VCD’s, DVD’s, VHS’s, Records 1- SEZEN AKSU – Deliveren 2- MADONNA – Music 3- ŞEBNEM FERAH – Artık Kısa Cümleler Kuruyorum 4- MICHAEL JACKSON – Blood On The Dance Floor/HIStory In The Mix 5- BARIŞ MANÇO – Barish Mancho 6- MARIAH CAREY – #1’s 7- ÖZLEM TEKİN – Öz 8- RED HOT CHILI […]...
    25 Aralık 2015
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  • My Poems

    Welcome to my poems’ page. Here are my poems. I hope you’ll like them because they are my first English poems. Some of them are emotional , some of them are just for fun. But all of them’s poet is me. All rights reserved. They are not very artistic but if you like one of […]...
    24 Aralık 2015
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  • About Me

    NAME: Turgay MIDDLE NAME: Suat SURNAME: Tarcan FULL NAME: Turgay Suat Tarcan NICK: TST BIRTHDAY: 22.02.1981 Sunday 3 PM BIRTH-PLACE: Istanbul, Bakirkoy DONJON: Pisces SECOND DONJON: Cancer IS HE A REAL Pisces (Fish)?: Yes PAST SCHOOLS: Angel Kindergarten, Mevlana Primary School, DR. Refik Saydam Primary School, Bilge Kağan College, Gürsoy College, Ataköy Republic High School, […]...
    21 Aralık 2015
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  • The King of Turkish Music Baris Manco’s Biography

    Who is he? Everybody in Turkey loves him. Also people in some other countries love him. For example Japan… Barış performed many concerts there and Japanese people recorded them as “Baris Manco live in Japan”. Also he made album for Holland (1982-Discomancho) and for Germany (1976). He visited all countries in the world. He was […]...
    20 Aralık 2015
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  • Top 50 Movies 2000

    This list is the second part of Top 50 Movies. Don’t ask “Where is ‘The Matrix’?”, “Where is the ‘Titanic’?”, etc. Arranging wasn’t carefully but I like all of these movies. In fact, I didn’t like “Any Given Sunday” but I put it because many people liked it. I will watch&remember movies for Top 50 […]...
    19 Aralık 2015
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  • Steve Vai Concert

    I went to Steve Vai’s Turkey (Bostanci Show Centre) concert. It was 21.4.2000… I was one of the Blue Jean Magazine’s special guests. Because they made a competition by asking us: “What was Steve Vai’s first album?” and I replied it by mailing: “Flex-Able Leftovers” . I entered the concert saloon with protocol door. I […]...
    19 Aralık 2015
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  • 1999 Yılında Yaptığım Film Listesi

    1999 TOP 50     1- TITANIC (Leonardo Di Caprio-Kate Winslet-Billy Zane-Kathy Bates-Bill Paxton-Gloria Stuart) 2- MOONWALKER (Michael Jackson-Brandon Quintin Adams-Jeff Adkins-Patrick Alan-Sean Lennon-Kellie Parker-Joe Pesci) 3- THE MATRIX (Keanu Reeves-Laurence Fishburne-Carrie-Anne Moss-Hugo Weaving) 4- EVITA (Madonna-Antonio Banderas-Jonathan Pryce-Jimmy Nail-Victoria Sus-Julian Littman) 5- NOTHING HILL (Julia Roberts-Hugh G...
    18 Aralık 2015
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  • Welcome to TST Interactive

    Mariah Carey ve Michael Jackson
    Hello. My name is Turgay Suat Tarcan. You can call me as TST. TST is my internet name. But in real world, my friends started to call me as TST. Because they knew my web site. This site is a personal site of mine. You will learn about me. About the Turkish Young Man… However, subjects are […]...
    18 Aralık 2015
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    1.520 Okunma

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