Kerim Tekin’s Biography

There was a young boy who was Kerim Tekin.He wan the university exams.But he didn’t go to the university,because he wanted to be a singer.He succed in this and did an album with S Music.His dreams came true.His album’s name was “Karagozlum” (Black eyed).It was 1995.They took his first music video.It was Dogulu Brothers’ compose “Cici Baba” (Pretty Daddy).Everybody was talking about him and his song.He was criticizing his girlfriend’s father on this music video.Many people liked him and bought his album.His second music video was slow.He became romantic songs’ singer.But he didn’t took another music video from this album again.He worked for 2 years.His hair and beard became long.Then he showed one of the best romantic albums.”Haykirsam Dunyaya”(If I scream to the world)…The album was about love and death.Many singers was in this promenading with fast songs but he became succesful with slow songs.First,they took 2 music videos to “Karbeyaz” (Snow White) and “Haykirsam Dunyaya” (If I scream to the world)…It was 1997.He became one of the best male singers in Turkey.He was also very good and loved nature.Some singers and Kerim Tekin started a concert tour in Turkey for trees.In 27 June 1998,Kerim Tekin and his productor Halis Butunley was backing to Istanbul from one of these concerts.Zerrin Ozer (a very famous Turkish singer and Kerim’s lover) aroused him and said:”Don’t go now,It is night.” but they went.In the road they had a traffic accident.Kerim Tekin died there but Halis Butunley didn’t die.Everybody couldn’t believe it.Everybody cried for him.Then somebody finished his last music video “Aksamlar” (Evenings) and his first and last movie “Yaz Askim” (My summer lover).He was dying in a traffic accident in that movie,too…
Goodbye Kerim,we won’t forget you.

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