Steve Vai Concert

I went to Steve Vai’s Turkey (Bostanci Show Centre) concert. It was 21.4.2000… I was one of the Blue Jean Magazine’s special guests. Because they made a competition by asking us: “What was Steve Vai’s first album?” and I replied it by mailing: “Flex-Able Leftovers” . I entered the concert saloon with protocol door. I saw a Turksih band “AF” except Asrin (vocal)… Then I sat down on a good place but I watched the concert standing on my chair like everybody.
The most famous guitar player in the world Steve Vai came to the stage at 9.00 P.M. with strange glasses. Everybody screamed. He was playing the guitar really well. He singed some songs, too. He looks coolheaded but h
e is hot-blooded.
I always wanted to see a live album’s concert. But it was impossible because foreign stars never did a live concert album in Turkey except “Spice Girls live in istanbul”. And then Steve Vai said: “We’re recording the concert. Show the world Turkey’s voice power”. I couldn’t believe it. I was watching a live album recording. vai2But luck showed me another thing. Steve Vai said: “This song is just for you.” and played a song just for this live album. Steve Vai have said that he was a fan of Turkey at a report before but I didn’t think it was like this. He said: “I was looking Turkey everytime on maps when I was going to school. I didn’t think I would come here like this (a star). It was the most fantastic concert of our whole tour.” in English and “Tesekkur ederim/Thank you” in Turkish. He was attaching Turkish flag necklace. He did imitations very well especially school girl imitation… At first, I thought they were playback but then I saw that Steve Vai really did the imitations. They were very funny. People of his group were really good at playing. One of his guitars was very interesting. Its shape was a heart shape.
A very successful football team Galatasaray had wan an important match those days. Steve Vai wore Galatasaray’s uniform and said: “Tebrikler Galatasaray/I am congratulating Galatasaray” in Turkish. Everybody screamed like all time and Steve Vai played a song with this uniform. I don’t like football but it was interesting because one of the most famous guitar players (Others are Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton) was wearing a Turkish team’s uniform.
I had a very good time in this concert. I won’t forget this concert. I saw Asim Can Gunduz (a Turkish Singer/DJ) at the exit. I stayed in my cousins’ house that night. I will buy that live album.


P.S. from 2003: The album hasn’t been published yet 🙁
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