Treaties Must Be Kept

PACTA SUND SERVANDA (TST writes this Latin sentence on the board)- What does it mean? (Berkan replies it: “Treaties must be kept”)- Yes, it’s right. Thank you. As you understand, my presentation topic is about treaties. Concerning the topic of reservations to treaties, the objective is to clarify the law relating to this important area of international law. For example, whether the regime of reservations established by the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties applies to all treaties, irrespective of their subject matter and the role of monitoring bodies with respect to reservations. The Special Rapporteur on the matter has recommended that the final product should be a guide to the practice in respect of reservations, of States as well as of international organizations.
At the session, the Commission considered the second report of the Special Rapporteur and adopted preliminary conclusions on reservations to normative multilateral treaties, including human rights treaties.
–> After this introduction part above which is taken from , I presented a summary of: “Treaties” in Peter Malanczuk, Akehurst’s Modern Introduction to International Law, 7th rev. edition, London, Routledge, 1997, pp. 130-146. The presentation continued 20 minutes. The date was 04.11.2003. The lesson was International Law 1 and the professor of this lesson was Sylvia Tiryaki…


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