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Hello. My name iMichael Jackson ve Madonnas Turgay Suat Tarcan. You can call me as TST. TST is my internet name. But in real world, my friends started to call me as TST. Because they knew my web site.

This site is a personal site of mine. You will learn about me. About the Turkish Young Man… However, subjects are free. For example, you can see that there are many subjects about music. Because my life is music. I love music very much. I put my favorite stars in this site. That s why I put my favorite photos in my home page. You can see Madonna&Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey&Michael Jackson together there. By these photos, you can understand my site, my imaginations, my world.

I like going to cinema. I like movies. When I first opened this site (22 November 1999) I started to make a list of movies which I watched. Every year, I m making a TOP 50 Movies List. 1999 s TOP 50 movies loveliness were equal each other, but every year I learn how to make a good list.

I like writing poems. However, my poems used to be always Turkish. For this site, I started to write English poems. People liked them and I became very happMariah Carey ve Michael Jacksony.

Do you like pictures? You are in the right place. You will see many photos, albums and be able to send some of them to your friends. Do you like polls? Why are you waiting? Do you like message boards? I am waiting for you as a message board-lover! Do you like visiting web sites? There are many great links here. If you have a web site and want it take part at links part, please contact me after linking to me. Don’t forget, hundreds of people visited this site since 1999.

You will also able to learn more about Turkey, my country.
I hope you’ll like it.


After travelling in my web site, don’t forget to sign my guestbook. I like feedback. I will always wait you.


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