Biography of Sebnem Ferah

Now,I want to write something about Rocker Diva Sebnem Ferah.You see she is one of my top favorite stars.She is the best sebnemrocker in Turkey!
Sebnem Ferah was born in 1972 in Yalova.She started music at school days.She sang songs at her school-Bursa Ozel Namik Sozeri Koleji.Sebnem was studying Economy at O.D.T.U. University for 2 years but then,she started to studying English Language at Istanbul University.She was still doing music.
Sebnem Ferah established the first female rock band “Volvox” in Turkey.Anyway,it was the first female band in Turkey.They were singing in rock bars.Sebnem Ferah was the vocalist but she was playing the guitar,too.There was the future’s alternative star Ozlem Tekin (Ozlem made her first album in 1996) in this band,too.Volvox was a very popular band,but they couldn’t make an album.Because music firms made rock difficult.
Sebnem Ferah was doing background vocals at albums for singers like Sezen Aksu,Tarkan,Sertab Erener.Anyway,she still does that because Turkish stars helps other stars and other singers want her beautiful voice in their albums.
In 1996,she made her first solo album.The album’s name was “Kadin-Woman”…She was the first female rock singer in Turkey.Her album was very of good quality.Music firms understood that rock was a succesful music after that album.Rock became popular after Sebnem Ferah’s album.New rock bands and new rock singers started their music career.But Sebnem Ferah still was the best rock star in Turkey.
Also Sebnem sang Walt Disney songs for a cartoon (The Little Mermaid) and its soundtrack.Muzeyyen Senar and Kargo made a duet with Sebnem Ferah.
In 1999,she made her second album:”Artik kisa cumleler kuruyorum-Mow I say short sentences”.It was very of good quality,too.She became one of the most selling stars.
In 1999 her father died in Golcuk’s earthquake.She became very sad but her fans didn’t let her alone.She didn’t let alone the earthquake’s poor people,too.
In 2000 she sang a Bulent Ortacgil (a very big male singer) cover version song for Bulent Ortacgil’s “best of” album.Also she made a duet with Teoman (very famous rocker like Sebnem) for Teomferahan’s album:”17″…The song’s name was “Iki Yabanci-Two strangers”…
In 2001, the third album “Perdeler-Curtains” came… This album included a bonus track which was played by Apocalyptica.
In 2002, she made duet with Polad Bulbuloglu (a singer from Azerbaijan). The song’s name was “Gel Ey Seher”.
In 2003, she made her fourth album “Kelimler Yetse…-If words were enough…”. The album’s style was harder than before. Her fans got a good satistaction from this album. She also sang “Fanta”‘s advertisement song with Teoman, mor ve otesi, Cenk ve Erdem.
In 2005, she came back “Gonulcelen – Heart Stealer” and “Can Kiriklari – Heart Pieces”.. “Gonulcelen” was a Teoman cover which was from “Balans ve Manevra” movie soundtrack. “Can Kiriklari” was her fifth solo album. “Can Kiriklari” made her number one in Turkey and she was in every magazine’s covers, every newspaper’s papers, every radio programme, every TV show’s special guest…

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