Advantages of Obtaining a Degree

Do you have a university degree? Many young people today would prefer to go to university to get a degree. Millions of people take a university entrance exam to win a place at university. However, there are many advantages and disadvantages to obtaining a degree.
There are many advantages to obtaining a degree. A university degree helps you find a good job when you have graduated from university. For example, a person with a degree may promote in his job more easily than a person without a degree. In addition, obtaining a degree provides you with respect, recognition and a good social status in the society. As a result, people will care about, respect, value, you. For instance, when you become a diplomat and ambassador, you will have a diplomatic immunity. Finally, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree provides a vision for you. For this reason, you will be able to foresee what will happen people with a vision predicted the collapse of the USSR.
On the other hand, there are many disadvantages to obtaining a degree. One disadvantage of obtaining a degree is that although you spend a lot of years at university, you will not make any money. Therefore, you will not lead a good life all your life long. In addition, you could still be unemployed after finishing university. There are many examples for this. You can see many people are unemployed even they are graduated from university. Also, you may discover that you don’t like what you’ve been studying or it is waste of time. For example, I don’t like what I am studying. I am studying international relations, but I discovered it is not applicable for me. I don’t want to be a diplomat, ambassador or politician. I want to work for media. It can be press or television. I hope I will graduate this year and escape from university. My parents think the same, because they pay a lot of money. I mean, getting a degree is hard work.
To sum up, there are many advantages and disadvantages to obtaining a degree. Is a university degree advantage or disadvantage for you? It is not apparent. God, the life and destiny know the answer.

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