Clare Francis

clare-francisIn 1973, Clare Francis sailed across the Atlantic singlehanded. Since then, she has become one of Britain’s most well-known sportswomen.
Clare Francis was born in Surrey on April 17th, 1946. She attended the Royal School of Ballet and then won place in University College in London where she studied Economics.
After she left university, she began her career in marketing, but she soon became bored with her city life. She always loved sailing, and when her uncle died and left her his money, she decided to buy her own boat. Then, in 1973, she set out to sail across the Atlantic to America singlehanded.
Since then, Clare Francis has become a popular figure on the radios and television. She has taken part in many singlehanded races and has written and presented television series on ships and sailing. In 1977, she married a Frenchman, called Jaques Redon, and they had one son.
In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and listening to music, and she has recently published her first novel called “Night Sky”. She is now living in Lymington, which is a popular yachting resort on the South coast of England.

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