Ajlan Büyükburç’s Biography

There was a little girl whose name was Ajlan Buyukburc.She was famous when she was a child because she was daughter of a very famous singer Erol Buyukburc.Their surname was Buyukburclu but everybody knew them as Buyukburc.She was not happy with her father and step-mother. One day she grew up.Ajlan’s favorite music was jazz.In a bar she met a girl who was Mine Cagliyan.They liked each other very much because they liked the same things.They worked together and sang jazz songs. In 1993,pop fashion started in Turkey for many years.They made a pop album those year.Their band’s name was “Ajlan-Mine”…Out of date,everybody had called Ajlan as “Erol Buyukburc’s daughter”,but then,they started to calling Erol Buyukburc as “Ajlan’s father”. They made just one album:”Ask olsun”.They became very popular.Also they did 2 duets with one of the most succesful male vocals Fatih Erkoc.He was their friends,too.Their main music was jazz but they were the most famous lady pop music band in Turkey. First,Mine made a solo album but she wasn’t too succesful.Then,Ajlan made a solo album and the album became very succesful.But they were still best friends. Ajlan had got just 2 music video from her first and the last solo album.The pop album’s name was “Tutunup Kendime” (I am seizing myself).It was 1996. Then she didn’t make any album until 1999.She started to making a new album,but she couldn’t finish.She gat driving licence in 19.7.1999…Three days later,in 22.7.1999 she wanted a holiday.On the road,she had a traffic accident.The road was spoilt.Her car flied to a tractor which was in an arable field.She died quickly.Her eyes were open.She couldn’t finish her album.She was disgruntled with her father. Nobody could believe.
Goodbye Ajlan,we won’t forget you.
P.S.:While I was writing that article,Baris Manco’s song “Gulpembe” (it is about dying) was playing in the Television.

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