Conversation With Doğukan Manço

Barış Manço’s son is studying in U.S.A. these days. He comminicated TST Interactive from U.S.A. This report was answered in 02.02.2002 with e-mail. I hope you’ll like it.


TURGAY SUAT TARCAN: What are the new Barış Manço projects (for example other music videos’ VCD) for the future you think? Why isn’t the album “2023” in music markets?

DOĞUKAN HAZAR MANÇO: I can’t explain 2023’s confidence. If I tell it, its feature will go out. This year’s biggest project: the most famous Turkish singers sang Barış Manço’s hits as Turkey saw.

TST: Which times you felt proud of your father?dogukan1

DHM: There isn’t a time which I didn’t feel proud of my father. Sometimes I say “I wish I saw my father’s proud of me” but I know he sees me and feel proud of me and our family.

TST: When did you feel burden more as being son of the biggest Turkish singer of all time?

DHM: Being my father’s son never imposed me. Sometimes accountability imposed to me. For example to be Barış Manço’s son, I restricted my private life. But I can always be dutiful for my father

TST: I mean accountabilities. Anyway, what are your plans for the future? Your brother Batıkan says he will be an actor. You acted in advertisements and music videos. What do you choose: photography or cinema?

DHM: My first step is being successful for the future. My father said: “If you want, be carpenter but do the best work”… I will do my best in the future. For my life, for my career, for my relations… Both of me and Batıkan are interested in cinema. I also like taking photos. My brother is interested in graphic design but future is unknown 🙂

TST: I read in a newspaper article: Famous people like Barış Manço, Kemal Sunal, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Ajlan Büyükburç, Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, Gökhan Semiz, Orhan Kemal, Janis Joplin, Bertold Brecht lost their life because of Saturn Planet’s effects. What do you say for the idea of astrologers’?

DHM: Honestly I don’t understand astrology, so I can’t asy anything but if you say “You must answer”, I just can say: my father won in his whole life and the important things for him are love and esteem.

TST: After many affairs, did you concentrate your new life in U.S.A.? If you concentrated, how did it happen? How did terror events efect you?dogukan4

DHM: I contravene terrorism. I don’t forgive terrorism. Because I defend that guiltless people are inviolable. I am ready to help poor people.
I can say: I am get used to my new life in U.S.A. I had to go away Turkey. Some events had started to my education. After my father’s death, I noticed good and bad changes in my mind. To catch the real man I am, I ran away my country. I wanted to remove my derogrations and condense my own aims.

TST: What do you say for tabloid gossips after Barış Manço’s death?

DHM: Of course, the gossips perturbed me. I asked myself that why some people wanted to behave shamefully. My answer was “dyspeptic”. Then my sadness went away. Nobody wants clarification because we know everybody knows everything.

TST: I want to thank you for this beautiful report. Thank you for communicating from America. We feel proud of your father, too and we ignore gossips.

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