Important Issues in World Politics

World Politics has always been important in our life. Because we are living in the world! There are lots of people in the world. This makes lots of countries in the world. We are not living in the same country named “World”. People think different from each other. So this makes World Politics.
Everything; especially events and decisions affects World Politics. Every day many events can occur. So World Politics’ important issues are changing every day. For example, if there is a war between states, war and peace becomes important issue for World Politics. Because war is an important issue for the world. People in the world react every conflict even they are small or big. That’s not important. Because we are living in a global, technological world. Once upon a time, people couldn’t learn such things. However, today; there are media, internet, telephones, televisions, etc. Communication is developed. In the past, every country couldn’t learn such things, so World Politics didn’t use to be affected by such things. However, today; we can learn everything. We can watch everything live. Nations react much more than yesterday. There are also Magna Carta laws, human rights, etc. So every war or conflict becomes an important issue for the World Politics. This makes countries which are in war behave more careful. Because they know that World Politics can hinder it even they are leader of the world or not. If they want to do such things, first of all they think about World Politics. They think detailly and strategically to make the world behave like them. They try to orient the world. I think this is called “behaving in the World Politics”. As you see, I don’t really mean that World Politics can always hinder wars. I meant that today war is very important that countries who make the wars, think about World Politics firstly. For example, they say “We have to make war, because our aim is…….”. Other countries say “Don’t make war, because there can be…….”. Country who behaved strategically make other countries behave like them. That’s way war, conflict and peace are so important in the World Politics, today.
Terrorism is a very important issue like war. Today terrorism affects World Politics very much, too. In the close past, terrorism wasn’t an important issue very much. Some countries were living with terrorism while other countries were living in safe. When terrorists attact the countries and kill people, other countries didn’t use to think that it is terrorism. They used to think that it was about political thought. They used to think that terrorists weren’t terrorists. According to countries living in safe, they are just thinkers who try to have their rights. Maybe they knew that was terrorism. However, they were living in safe, so they used to think “Terrorists don’t do bad things to my country. So I don’t care such events”… So this used to make terrorism an unimportant issue. I think I am right. For example, I watched a comedy movie named “Canadian Bacon”. In the movie, heros wanted to make war on Canadia. They were trying to find an excuse to make war. One of them said “Terrorism can be an excuse to make war.” However, they decided to think that terrorism wasn’t an enough subject to make war. In the movie they said “People can’t make war for terrorism. A few people just burst a few cars. That’s not enough to make war. Making war for terrorism is very absurd.” This conversation summarizes such countries’ old opinions about terrorism. So terrorism didn’t use to be an important issue for World Politics. However, since 11 September 2001, terrorism has been an important issue for World Politics. All of the World saw that attacking on the most powerful country was very easy. Everybody started to say “If terrorists attack on USA, they can attack on my country, too.” They realized terrorism is a very important issue. They criticized terrorism in World Politics. Even they made a list of terrorists to hinder them. Terrorits were remembered. Now, the world still try to make solutions to hinder them. They saw how much terrorism is important in the World Politics.
world-politicsI see that Ecopolitics is very important issue in World Politics, too. Because world has to heal the nations. Our world is not clean today. Every day our world becomes worse. Animals are decreasing. Ozone Layer depletion becomes bigger. Forests are disappeared. There is air polution. There are serious illnesses. Climate change is a big threat. World’s Ice is melting. These make a greenhouse effect. Sometimes we can’t even breathe. Scientists always warn the world. They say that if we can’t make solutions, the end of the world will come very soon. So the world has to come together to extend the world’s life. Because the world’s life means our life. We have to see the truth that the end of the world will come if we don’t something for Ecopolitics. We have to find solutions. We are living in a dirty world. Maybe we can’t make a clean world, but we can prevent more dirts and we can make a better place for people. If somebody wants to harm another land, this means he/she harmed the world he/she lives in, too. So countries must come together. People see the truth more than before. This made ecopolitics another important issue in the World Politics. Maybe Ecopolitics is the most important issue in the World Politics. Because, if there isn’t World, there won’t be World Politics, too.
Today, every country has to be modern. We are living in a global world and everybody should harmonize the modern world. First of all, we have to start this issue with education. So education is one of the most important issues in World Politics. I gave up. Education is more important than Ecopolitics. Because if all people are educated, they will care about Ecopolitics and other issues. Everything starts with education. But true education… Women has got an important role about this issue. Women should be educated and show themselves in every kind of role to make the world more modern. They have to do all kinds of jobs. This is a benefit for the world. I emphasized about women, because in some countries such as Arabic countries men don’t let women to be educated and work. However, education is very important for everybody. Men in such countries seem they are not educated rightly that they don’t know women should be educated, too. They know many things wrong. If people are not educated rightly, they can be terrorists, they can make wars, they harm the nature, they behave wrong, etc. That’s why education is very important today. There are billions of people who live in the world. The world is changing every day. So we have to develop people. When we develop people, it means we developed the world’s economical standarts, too. And these shows education and modernization and education are so important issues in World Politics.
To have a modern world, of course human rights are very important issue in World Politics. Human rights are always discussed in the world. Everybody thinks differently about human rights. Some people think that X right is a human right, while others think the same right is wrong. If a country thinks that it thinks right, it has to show other countries it. However, they have to think together to find the best human rights. Because human rights are important issues in World Politics, too.
Of course, everything can be an issue in World Politics. However, according to me, these were the most important issues in World Politics. For example, oil seems an important issue that it makes the world dirty and makes countries conflict. However, first of all we have to solve these issues. For example, if we make cars working with another natural thing, we won’t need that. To sum up, everything starts with education. We have to see the truth, then we can reach all of the world’s aims.


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