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Sisqo: “Michael Jackson is the premise of my whole thing. Artists are afraid to say who their influences are because they fear they’ll be put in the shadow of that artist. Not me. When I get an idea from somebody, I straight say, ‘ I took it from them’.” “Michael Jackson! I’d just love to work with Michael, period. So, Michael, if you’re reading this, call me!” …………………….michael1

Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys: “…I’m, like, dying, (because) since I was a little kid, I’ve been dying to meet Michael Jackson… I still haven’t met him.” …………………….

Ginuwine: “Growing up, Michael Jackson was my man. Because he gets up there and give it all. And musically, he challenges himself. I knew that when I got the chance to do this, I would try and do it like that.” …………………….

Britney Spears [When asked what her favorite album of all time is]:”Thriller by Michael Jackson.” …………………….

J.C. Chasez of N’sync: “I’d love to work with Michael Jackson. If his new album wasn’t done, I’d give him a call right now.” …………………….

Phil Collins: “The people who don’t want anything from him are children. Everyone else wants something. They want to flirt with glory… He’s a tabloid victim.” …………………….

Wyclef Jean: “Michael Jackson is the greatest artist of all. I never enjoyed working with anyone so much as I did with him.” …………………….

Steven Spielberg: Michael Jackson, the star, is a phenomenon. The hat, a single glove, white socks and black loafers. He’s mysterious. Theatrical. The consummate performer. From the way he moves, to the Neverland he’s created as his home, it’s as if he’s an illusion. …………………….

Christian Ingebritsen of A1 [Christian wrote a song for possible inclusion on Michael’s new album Invincible]: “I couldn’t believe it when I found out Michael Jackson was listening to the song. He’s been my hero since I was a kid. It’s a dream come true. These things don’t happen in real life.” “We can’t believe we’re going to meet him. He’s been my hero since I was a kid, so to meet him will be a dream come true. I’ll probably get really nervous. To get a song on his album would be a massive honour.” [The song never made it to the final cut] …………………….

T-Boz of TLC: “Let me tell you about ‘Billie Jean’: that was awesome. I actually used to wear a white shirt with a bow tie and my leather pants every day after school. When he took his hat off and slid across the floor in that pose… that’s the pose right there.” …………………….

Quincy Jones: “In the studio, Michael was a hard worker, a really hard worker. He would stand there until he got it right. He likes to perform with the lights out and just a single light on the stand. And he likes to do some of his dances during songs. …………………….

R. Kelly: “Why do you think Michael Jackson is still a superstar? Because he keeps searching for new challenges.” …………………….

Elizabeth Taylor: I think he is one of the finest people to hit this planet, and, in my estimation, he is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul. …………………….

Julio Iglesias, Jr. [On who his musical influence is]: “Michael Jackson”. …………………….

Ricky Martin: “Woah, talking about Mr. Jackson, all my respect. He definitely has a lot to do with my career. He’s the legend; El Maestro, you know? From him, we learn a lot, and definitely he will always be a part of my life.” …………………….

Rodney Jerkins [On collaborating with Michael on the Invincible album]:”This is a mental challenge for me. Because Michael is so much greater than everybody else. Michael’s a workaholic like me. We’re in the studio for 24 hours at a time.” …………………….

Macaulay Culkin: “We’re good friends, we talk all the time. I’m his, ah, children’s Godfather. His kids are so beautiful. I love them so much. They’re so great.” “We had very similar experiences in childhood. We’re both going to be 8 years old forever in some place because we never had a chance to be 8 when we actually were.” …………………….

Angelina Jolie: “I loved Michael Jackson. I wore the leather jacket and I used to ask if I could go to school wearing studs.” …………………….

Lauryn Hill [Denying the existance of a duet called ‘This Is Our Time’ with Michael and herself]: “I remember when my girlfriend called me up to congratulate me on the duet, and I was like…whaaaaat? I mean, I think if I could choose one person in the industry I’d like to record with it’d be Michael. He is so focused when it comes to what he wants, and who knows…maybe sometime in the future we will work together.” …………………….

Will Smith [When asked if Michael plays an Alien in MIB2]: (Laughs) Listen, Michael Jackson is really funny. To have time to spend with him and actually be around him he’s not what, what people think he is. Michael Jackson; Michael Jackson’s like a black belt too, so he will kick your @#%$ if you say somethin’ about him. …………………….

Quincy Jones: “Maybe five or eight people have this touch that God put on Michael. Stevie Wonder has it. Barbra Streisand has it. Louie Armstrong has it.” …………………….

Cleopatra: “Michael is just the greatest. He has given so much to world pop. He’s been named the King of Pop. He has acheived so many awards. He has been doing this for so many years and he’s still not out of fashion. He’s a brilliant dance. He’s an excellent singer and song-writer. He’s the King of Music. He is so amazing.” …………………….

Stevie Wonder: “Michael’s a natural… he’s a very hard worker and a super performer. But most of all, he’s a real human being.” …………………….

Donell Jones: “My main musical influence is Michael Jackson. I just love him. He brings so much energy and so much feeling into his music. (…) I learned from him and from experience that you have to be patient in this business. I want everything right now, but I know that if you want longevity, you have to be patient. And that’s what I strive for: longevity.” …………………….

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC [On asked what her favourite album is]:”Thriller! It gave birth to a true megastar, and nobody has bettered it yet. It’s still the biggest-selling album of all time.” …………………….

En Vogue: “Our major musical influence is undoubtedly Michael Jackson. The man is phenomenal!” …………………….

Shane Filan of Westlife: “My whole world changed when Michael Jackson brought out the ‘Bad’ album when I was eight or nine. He took over my life and from then on I wanted to BE Michael Jackson.” …………………….

Fred Astair [To Michael after Motown 25]: “You’re a hell of a mover! Man, you really put them on their asses last night. You’re an angry dancer. I’m the same way. I used to do the same thing with my cane. I watched the special last night; I taped it and I watched it again this morning. You’re a hell of a mover.” …………………….

Barry White: “He’s a milestone. A sign of distinction is the most important thing an entertainer, can obtain. It’s a person that when he sings, the minute you hear his voice, you know it’s him. Michael has that gift.” …………………….

Mariah Carey: “I recently met the Artist [formerly known as Prince] and we have some musical plans together. I would also like to work with Michael Jackson.” …………………….

Joanne O’Meara of S Club 7 [Question on who the coolest musician on the planet is]: “Michael Jackson! He’s my hero and always have been. I love everything he’s ever done!” …………………….

Little Richard: “Michael Jackson is the most complete entertainer I’ve ever met.” …………………….

Monica: “One of the turning points in my life was the first concert I attended. It was Michael Jackson. I was 7 years old. After seeing such a good show, I had an entirely different interest in the artist and in music.” …………………….

Missy Elliott: “I love Michael Jackson! I used to write him letters when I was little and daydream that he would come to my school and take me out of class.” “I don’t look at it as he’s not the hottest thing any more – I look at what he’s done as a groundbreaking artist who opened a lot of doors for Black acts. Michael Jackson is still amazing to me.” …………………….

Craig David: “The first record I bought was ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Michael Jackson. I’m really a huge fan of his. I think I own all of his records. He’s one of the reasons I’m here today. His music and artistry had a great impact on me as I was growing up. It made me want to become a performer.” …………………….

Paul McCartney: “I didn’t get destroyed by [press and fanmania] and neither will Michael. He’s very talented. He knows how to make records that people like. But he’s a very straightforward kid. He has a great deal of faith. He’s got a lot of innocence – he protects that especially. Michael looks at artoons all day and keeps away from drugs. That’s how he remains his innocence.” …………………….

Janet Jackson: “It is impossible to compare us. Michael is a living legend.” “Michael is definitely my biggest influence. I don’t think I dance like him though, and if I do to some extent, I can only say that we are brother and sister so the same blood does flow through us, plus we were so close growing up, and we did dance together growing up. But he’s an amazing dancer and I don’t think I dance anywhere near his ability. He’s really an amazing dancer.” …………………….

Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men: “He called us the Kings of Vocals. That was exciting. Mike is cool. He’s different. He’s been onstage since he was five. He never got to be a child himself. I know people say all kinds of things about his Ferris wheel and all that, but he’s just trying to relive his childhood. Being around Mike shows you how much further you have to go.” …………………….

Great Statement by Famous American Comedian George Carlin [2002]: “I’m not f*****g with Michael Jackson fans. I’m not that dumb, his fans are vicious! Attack him, you’re already dead.” …………………….

Santana [Who recorded a guitar solo for Michael’s new album Invincible]: “I was very honored that he called on me to work with him and I love the song. He gave me a call last week, and he was really happy with it.”

Aaliyah: About her favorite album: Thriller. “I mean, the songs on that album are just ridiculous. Every single song is amazing. It’s my favorite album. My parents were really influential in who I was listening to when I was growing up, and that album was playing all the time.”

VH1’s special “100 Greatest Artists of Rock & Roll,” asked 600 musicians to select top 100 fellow musicians. Out of 728 nominees, The Jackson 5 placed 44th, while Michael Jackson placed in the 40th spot. During the show, musician pay tribute to other musicians, and here is what they said about Michael:

Brandy: “Michael Jackson, he is just like; he is the king of it all. Everything that everyone’s doing now, he’s already done. He’s opened a lot of doors for a lot of artists today.”

Neil Rogers Chick: “Michael has always been one of those artists that I personally cannot believe. I can’t believe how great he is, and I quite frankly have always been in awe of Michael’s talent.”

M.C. Hammer: “Just a phenomenal artist, the [word] speaks for itself. You don’t go much beyond Michael Jackson when it comes to performing and making good records.”

Elton John: “He is a very smart cookie, Michael. He knows what he wants, he knows what he is doing. I have nothing but admiration. Also, he is a very kind person.”

Little Richard: “Michael is fantastic. I love him. He is a great artist, one of the greatest entertainers I’ve ever seen.”

Teddy Pendegrass: “People like Michael come along once in history. He’s a bonafide superstar.” …………………….

Q : Before I let you go, I have to ask you about Michael Jackson.

Yoko Ono: I’m dumbfounded by him. I have nothing to say. I just hope that one day he can find something positive in his life. It’s very hard for people in his position to survive well.

Q : Did it anger you that Michael bought the publishing rights to the Beatles’ songs and then allowed ad agencies to use them to sell products?

Yoko Ono: That’s another misconception, in a way. He was with a company, but that company really owns the songs. But, of course, because his name is bigger than the company, people like to play that up. It’s more fun to talk about Michael Jackson than to name the actual company. It’s just not as interesting to talk about. April 9, 2003

He said it would be bad form to sign the cover. He signed it on the back.
– Palm Beach Mall FYE Store Manager Dave Carucci recalling what Michael told a fan who asked for an autograph on the latest Rolling Stone with Lisa Marie on the cover.

I’m trying to do a song with everybody before I’m gone, [to] be the first person in the world to do a song with everybody…I got like two more people left — Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan.
– Rapper Nate Dog to

He made my mother promise that she’d never make me go through formal training. He said, ‘Let him just do what he wants to do. Let it be natural. Don’t make him learn by counts, let him feel the music.’
– King of Pop protégé and choreographer Wade Robson on his first meeting with his idol

Lisa Marie. She thinks Michael Jackson may have married her in a sleazy attempt to promote himself. Which she never revealed – until it was time to promote her own record.
-Entertainment Weekly’s Jim Mullen

Michael! Michael!
– Chants from newly liberated Iraqi children after watching a US Marine do the moonwalk on a Baghdad street.

They want me to do Michael Jackson, they like the way I dance. I’ve got fans.
– That same Marine, 21-year-old Lance Cpl. Manuel Perez, to a Reuters reporter

It was a great year for comedy; the BBC had ‘The Office’ and ITV had Martin Bashir!
– Weakest Link Anne Robinson at a recent UK TV Awards show

He’s the nicest, sweetest guy.
– Alvin Malnik, millionaire founder of The Forge restaurant in Miami Beach about his famous new friend

To take a story that is in the Zeitgeist and put it in the hip-hop world, I think that works fine. I do not want to do a show that is going to appeal to a narrow audience
– John Ridley, creator of the new US TV show Platinum, about creating a story line that mirrors the well publicized dispute between Michael Jackson and record industry executive Tommy Mottola

There are a handful of former employees who are hurt that they are no longer on the edge of the spotlight that shines on Michael, and they have established their own cottage industry in trafficking in this nonsense.
– A King of Pop “insider” to the Washington Post denying rumors that Neverland is up for sale

Ironically, Presley sold out former husbands Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage to get publicity for herself, ratting out secrets from their marriages in exchange for coverage. It didn’t work.
– Fox 411 columnist Roger Friedman about less than blockbuster first-week sales of Lisa Marie’s debut album

I like Michael Jackson too.
– America’s Most Talented Kids host Mario Lopez after a young performer sang the Jackson 5 hit I’ll Be There.

It was very much forced. And it was negative.
– Latoya Jackson to Access Hollywood’s Pat O’Brien about how her ex-husband Jack Gordon made her turn against her brother and lie during her now famous 1993 Israeli press conference

I wanna be like my daddy.
– Paris Jackson in a private Jackson family home movie moment (to air on Fox April 24 in the US) when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Michael Jackson? That’s a hell of a lot to live up to.
– R&B Singer Mario in an interview with ITV’s Entertainment Now

I sent letters to Janet and Michael Jackson every day. I made my mom buy the stamps, and I’d send these letters telling them I was crippled. I had no arms, no legs, no eyes. I never heard back. My mom was really worried.
– Hip-hop artist and producer Missy Elliot in May’s GQ magazine

Like Timberlake, Chasez parades his Michael Jackson influence.
– MTV on ‘NSYNCer JC Chasez’s upcoming debut solo album Schizophrenic

My name is Prince Michael Jackson and I love my daddy.
– Michael Jackson’s son in Michael Jackson: Private Home Movies airing April 24 on Fox

Everybody has an opinion as to who I am. I want people to see the real me, the real Michael Jackson.
– The King of Pop himself in a preview for the above mentioned Fox special

Michael Jackson, for sure. The first time I saw Michael Jackson, I knew that this is what I wanted to do, man.
– Bert McCracken of the punk band The USED to LAUNCH, describing the moment he knew he wanted to be a star

It was the album he made when he was like ten years old. It’s got Rockin’ Robin, Got to be There, Ain’t No Sunshine. A really cool record.
– Adam Duritz, lead singer of the rock band Counting Crows, fondly remembering his first album – Michael Jackson’s Got to be There – to Rolling Stone magazine

I might have been about twelve. My dad and brother and I used to listen to the album when we drove to school.
– Chris Martin of Coldplay describing to Rolling Stone his first album – Bad

Right after the concert, we went back to the hotel, and the Jacksons came over to meet us. Michael and I went off in the other room and just played with toys. I saw Michael a couple of months ago, and he said, Yeah, I remember that moment. It was so cool. We still keep in touch.
– Donny Osmond in a recent interview with the St. Petersburg Times

The great thing about showbiz is that people forget. Like, Michael Jackson was this legend and now people have forgotten that and are trying to bring him down. Or look at the R Kelly scenario. No one remembers the girl anymore, now he’s the man with the hottest record out.
– Epic artist Macy Gray to Teen Hollywood online

All night he was so friendly he talked to everybody and even talked to the customers and asked everybody where you from and what’s your name.
– Mutsumi Kobayashi of Benihana in South Florida, where the King of Pop recently paid a visit

If you thought fans were over Michael Jackson, you might want to think again.
– A WSVN Ch. 7 Miami-Fort Lauderdale reporter describing the reaction of fans when Michael recently visited Aventura Mall in Florida.

Wonder if it has anything to do with awareness of who her dad was or who her former husbands are?
– Billboard magazine’s Geoff Mayfield in his 26 April column describing the intense media attention Lisa Marie has received while promoting her new record

Already his pioneering work with the face mask has been adopted through much of the infected areas. If medical authorities discover that wearing a single glove can prevent contamination from shared points of contact, he’ll become a visionary. If we learn through whatever agency that faux military apparel can limit the spread of the bug, then MJ will be catapulted to the status of a prophet.
– Australian columnist Paul McDermott in a piece about SARS

Word from Las Vegas has it that the King of Pop has quietly been courting casino owners and producers with a plan to launch a Celine Dion-like musical extravaganza.
– Las Vegas Sun-Times

The first three quotes come from the June 2003 issue of Vibe magazine.
No. That’s why it’s called personal. They are human just like everyone else. They deserve a smidgen of privacy, along with decency. Anything they decide to share should be considered a luxury.
– Kim Martin of Richmond, Va. in a letter to the editor responding to the following question the magazine posed to readers last month: Do icons like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and R. Kelly owe it to the media – or their fans – to tell their personal stores?

How many games can you buy and hear Wanna be Startin’ Something by Michael Jackson or Rock Box by Run-DMC?
– Wesley Jonathan, 24-year-old co-star of the WB’s What I Like About You, on his favorite video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Doesn’t 20/20 seem less respectable and more Jenny Jones-ish after its tabloid-y-expose of Michael Jackson?
– No. 4 on the magazine’s 20Q: Vibe’s 20 Questions column

Em’s crew is hoping to see this album take the top spot in the record books, beating out Michael Jackson’s twenty year reign for Thriller.
– A very optimistic insider regarding rapper Eminem’s upcoming album, to MixMag

And two Sundays ago Michael Jackson stopped into West of Santa Fe, Antiquities, Galleria di Sorrento, Niketown and the Virgin Megastore — apparently to check how his CDs were selling,
-A store worker recalling a recent visit by the King of Pop to VegasBeat .

To be honest, if we could do something with Michael Jackson, that’d be cool. All his personal shit aside, he’s a great-arse motherf—in’ musician. He’s got that voice that don’t stop.
– Insane Clown Posse’s Shaggy on the group’s wish list for future collaborators.

Actually, he mentioned something like this.
-Guitarist Slash to Spin after the magazine suggested that Michael replace Axl Rose in a revamped Guns & Roses.

Twenty years on, it’s still Thriller that is the killer.
– The Irish Times’ Jim Carroll reminiscing about the King of Pop’s landmark 1982 album

Michael is something the modern day media hate, he created himself without their help, Elvis is remembered for being an entertainer, not for being a drug addict, Lennon for being a genius not self indulgent, 10 years after Michael is dead, he will be remembered for being what he is, one of the great talents.
– Bob Geldof during a recent Irish radio interview

Just a man with a shirt on.
– Michael fan Connie Thomas describing her close encounter with her idol at an Indiana Mall to the Indy Star

So, Quentin Tarantino says ‘nigger’ and he’s an artist, but Michael Jackson says ‘kike’ and it can’t be exposed to the public?
-They Don’t Care About Us director Spike Lee during a candid Australian interview about race and Hollywood

I like Mike
– Tennis star Venus Williams in an interview with the UK Sports Telegraph on her friendship with Michael

When I was young, it was more appropriate for girls to imitate Madonna, but I always wanted to be Michael Jackson. I wanted to wear the glove.
– Karen O, lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in an interview with the New York Times

As a Solid Gold dancer we gained the reputation of being the best dancers in the business. Right after Thriller was released he called me and my friend Casper and told us he’d pay us $1,000 each if we could teach him to Moonwalk for the Motown 25th anniversary special. We met for five days in a West Covina studio. The first two days all we did was show him the move, and on the last three days, he practiced the move.
– Dancer-singer Cooley Jackson on teaching Michael how to do the moonwalk

He will always be the King of Pop no matter what he does. He could do nothing else for the rest of his life and still keep that title. He claimed that 20 years ago, and no one could take that away from him.
– Michael fan Brittany Oliver, age 15, in an interview with the Lafayette Journal and Courier after her 20 minute meeting with Michael

ZZ Top and Michael Jackson.
– Hard rocker Andrew W.K’s response to Entertainment Weekly when asked who’s the best-dressed rock star in history.

I am forever grateful to Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Ray J and LaShawn Daniels for lending your vocals to my project.
– Brandy (from her album “Full Moon”s Special Thanks to Part)

Michael is innocent. On behalf of the Jackson family, we know these vicious lies are totally untrue, malicious and motivated by pure greed and revenge. Our family totally supports Michael. We proudly stand next to Michael, who we know could never commit any of the acts he is accused of. We will fight with every ounce of our energy to reveal the truth behind these false allegations and the motivations behind those who have falsely accused Michael. We pray for a swift resolution, real justice and we especially want to thank the millions of fans and supporters who have solidly stood by Michael and the family during this ordeal.
– Statement by Katherine Jackson on Behalf of the Jackson Family

Dick Gregory (DG): Michael Jackson did something that no one thought a Black man would do. He purchased the Beatles catalog for $48 million and today it is worth $1.5 billion. He didn’t know when he bought it that the Beatles owned Little Richard’s music. Michael gave it back to Little Richard, who is very happy now. Michael also owns the Elvis Presley catalogs. A Black man owns (the music of) two of the most important music figures in the world and anytime something is played by either of them, Michael gets paid.

JACQUELINE STALLONE (SYLVESTER STALLONE’s clairvoyant mother): He will get off. He is totally innocent. He’s going to walk free. I got a flash. It so happens I know the family, but that doesn’t influence my call on this. You’re going to find out that this is the biggest frame up that ever happened. People say his career is over. They’re wrong. Because of this frame up, no one is going to believe the earlier charges were a frame up too, and he’s going to come out of this stronger than ever. This all came to me like a lightning bolt.


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