Şebnem Ferah’s English Lyrics Translation

Hello. When friends from other countries told me that they knew Şebnem Ferah, I saw she is becoming famous in some other countries, too. One of them wanted me to translate “Perdeler”. Then another of them (Jagilya) wanted me to give a link which gives English translation of Şebnem Ferah’s lyrics, especially her first album. But there was no a link like that. So I decided to translate her lyrics for my web site’s Şebnem Ferah Part. I hope I could do it. All of the lyrics (except Today which was sent by Jagilya) are translated by me (Turgay Suat Tarcan). If you want to copy one of them into your web site, please tell that it was copied from



Where are the words? Ugh!

Where is my heart?

I loved, too! Ugh!

He didn’t love me even he knew it

Give your hand to endless

Take me from the world. Ugh!

Nobody loves me anymore


Hearts aren’t bought with

Spangle and money

Who defeated the destiny with prayers


With no wearing wedding dress

With no seeing the light

Before my baby

I gave up the world

With no defeating the destiny

I am ashamed to myself

Before anybody’s love

I gave up the world

Where did I come from? Ugh!

Where does the journey make me go to?

Maybe the destiny can answer. Ugh!

If I ask it to the destiny

There aren’t any lovers with desire of mine!

Graves are offended, too. Ugh!

To the womanly death




When a day, when a time

If I sadden, if I cry

You laught to my situation

When I make anything

Nobody understood me

You thought that

The love was hyperbolical for me


Withdraw from my side

Don’t come upon me

Just my good days’ friends

Don’t hold my hand

Don’t hold my hand! Ow! Whooo…

Wou wo wo wou na na na na na na

Wou wo wo wou Wou wo wo wou

Na na na na na na Wou wo wo wou

Don’t hold my hand

When a day, when a time

If I look for a shoulder

You went away from me

When I make anything

Nobody understood me

You thought that

Friendship was hyperbolical for me




There are full papers of experience of life next to me

There are many books which I haven’t read next to me

My whole life; my yesterday, my tomorrow is always here

In my small island

I’m waterless, tired

But I think about life

There are tired and old people next to me

There are new lovers with expectations next to me

All versions of the world are here

Im my untidy room

I’ve fallen many times

I was hurt but I hug the life

There are big, big, huge burdens back of me

They pulled my whole body

They made me wait

I took a rest, drank water

Water dripped from my lips

Everyday the sun rises up

The curtains should be open, that’s enough

Whooooo, waaaaooow, wooooo…..

There are ticking clocks without stopping next to me

There are slow and underground sounds

I thought I found century actuals

I wore all of them

But they are big on me

There are talking lips without silence next to me

There are silent senses which offended next to me

If we are underground, there’s no problem

We will go up certainly

One day we are alive, one day not

Lips are for hire



I touched your picture today, and kissed it again & again & again

Time, be slow, it’s still to early to say “bye bye”

I missed your voice, I missed you so much,

I don’t know but the world’s stopped, why ?

I am searching for “the lost with you”

It’s not the love song I inspired.

Just smile once for me, If you hear me

Be my river & flow again, Be my butterfly & and fly to me again

Be my flower & appear again

Be a wind ….


We became alone on roads
Love can’t be given with stories
We have been afraid for many years
We asked direction to the wind, unknown
Which hand is stronger than this hands
Let’s start from brave hearts
Again, again, again
NO! Don’t afraid
Tomorrow is near you
Run again on roads, don’t stop, don’t stop


The roads are quiet, nights are nightmare
My hands shiver who is me, who is this quiet body
There isn’t asker or knower, I have no reason
The man who hurt me; smile, I gave up dreams
If you don’t love me, love the rains
Clouds will cry, when you smile the sun will rise again
I’m going with my tears
Your memory is digged to my heart
Love the rains
So I want it to rain to my body
I’m going with my tears
Oh, roads are again and again
Love the rains
So I want it to rain to my body

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