The internet is a must

Many people say that internet is a must. I agree this thesis, too. Because we are living in 21st century and we use internet since 90s. I can’t imagine a world without internet. On the other hand, internet became an alternative world.
Before 90s, the internet was being used just by super power militaries. In 90s, the internet entered our life. After that, people started to do things by internet. They have e-mailed letters and important documents, they have found information, they have talked to each other, they have kept their information by the internet, they used internet as a bank, etc.
So what was the life like before internet? We used to send letters and important documents by postmen. The letters and documents could get lost forever. We used to go to the libraries to find information about a subject. This used to be a waste of time. We used to keep information in files. We still keep information in normal files, but without internet, we used to get this information by waiting in front of doors. This is also valid for the banks. We used to await one’s turn to send money, get money, and pay bills in the banks. So if the internet quits our life, do you think we can do the same things we did before? I don’t think so. I think it would be difficult. People can’t do without washing machines, televisions or mobile phones, now. People can’t travel with horses, donkeys or camels again. There are cars, planes, buses, etc. If electricity disappears, our life would be with torture. A new discovery finishes the previous one. It is the same for the internet. We never communicate with fume, pigeons or ambassador with a horse for centuries. The internet is nearly finishing the normal post way. We don’t post letters by postman very much. We prefer to e-mail. We just post objects by cargo or courier. Because we don’t have another alternative for this yet.
If you are a businessman, you know that internet is a must. Because, once upon a time, businessmen and businesswomen will have to face a lot of phones more than today. That’s why businessmen still have at least one secretary. However, today you don’t have to answer all of the phones. Because they usually e-mail you. If they don’t e-mail you and phone you, you don’t have to talk too much. You can say “I’m busy. Please e-mail to me. My e-mail is “to that people or your assistant can give your e-mail address to that people. If internet disappears, this would be a big problem for the firms.
Unfortunately, they say that internet will nearly disappear, if we won’t take measures. This has been a big problem for the world. The world looks for solutions to protect the internet. World alarmed to protect the internet. Will I have to say more words? This is the biggest proof about the thesis: “internet is a must”. Because the world knows it is a must. There is a big archive in the internet, and nobody wants to lose that big archive…
To sum up, we e-mail letters and important documents, we find information, we talk to each other, and we keep our information by the internet. We use internet as a bank. If internet disappears, this would be a big problem for the firms. There is a big archive in the internet, and nobody wants to lose that big archive. So ask it to your conscience. Is internet a must, or what?

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