Will EU benefit Turkey?

As a International Relations student, I strongly believe that the EU will benefit Turkey. Because it has advantages rather than disadvantages. Many Turkish people want to join EU. However, there are also people who don’t want to join the EU. I am one of the people who think that joining the EU will benefit Turkey.
First of all, let me explain about job opportunities. In Turkey, there are many unemployed people. The number of Turkish unemployed people is too big that this is sometimes called the biggest problem in Turkey. If Turkey joins the EU, there will be many job opportunities. Firstly, if we join the EU, our economy will be better than this. So, it means that there will be job opportunities in our country. Secondly, there is free movement in European countries. It means that a person can move to another European member country and can find a job in European countries. So this will decrease the rate of unemployment in Turkey. Of course, there are unemployment people in the EU members, too. However, the amount of unemployment people is very low. Also, in European countries, they give an amount of salary to their unemployment people. Of course, some Turkish people will want to use that salary without working. However, the rate of unemployment people won’t be the same, if we join the EU.
Secondly, there will be a better prosperity, if we join the EU. It is a fact that, our economy is not boastful and this is one of the biggest problems in Turkey since too many years. Many politicians and citizens in Turkey want to join the EU, because they want a better economy. According to them, the last expectation for the Turkish economy’s future is joining the EU. Maybe, that’s true. We know that, if we join the EU, our economy will be better and it will provide a good standard of living. That’s why lots of Turkish people want to join EU. If our economy was better, why would we want to join the EU? Why would we want to join the Christian Club which doesn’t accept our country? All of people know this big fact.
Turkey is a democratic country. Unfortunately, there are some cases that harm democracy in our country. The biggest threat to the Turkish democracy is freedom of expression. Every person wants to live and behave freely. The reason of some people who wants Turkey to join EU is a better democracy. Of course, there is not a perfect democracy in the world. However, it is a fact that our democracy goes to a better way, even Turkey is just an applicant country for the EU. So, I think this shows how our democracy will be, if we join the EU.
In Turkey, the political life affects our lives. The political events affect Turkey in a negative or a positive way. For example, if there is a negative political event, this is too bad for the Turkish economy and everything. So, we need a political stability. If we join the EU, this will provide us a political stability. This is one of the biggest benefits which will be provided when we join the EU.
As I said before, if we join the EU, our economy will be better and it will provide a good standard of living. Why? Because, if we join the EU, we will find a market to benefit our economy. We will find a free movement to do export. We will find solutions to our economy easily and a political stability will provide us a better economy.
Being a EU member country… What is for? Look at all those countries which joined the EU. They have got a national identity and values. Aren’t they nice? Of course, the EU members can’t make decisions by themselves. This can be both a disadvantage and an advantage. It changes situation to situation. Turkey has already got sovereignty. However, all of our debts and other things threat our sovereignty. Isn’t it a worth for joining the EU? Isn’t it a worth for making concessions?
The Turkish people who don’t want Turkey to join the EU, see this is a threat for Turkey and our culture. Or sometimes they don’t want to join the EU, because they want to eat sheep’s intestines grilled on a spit. This is called “kokoreç” in Turkey. Actually, “kokoreç” is just a symbol of Turkish culture. Of course, we can’t make some concessions. However, it is still a fact that joining the EU has got advantages rather than disadvantages for our country. We have to make the EU to accept our country, because it has got many advantages, as I mentioned in this article. Actually, I don’t see joining the EU a big threat for the Turkish culture. Our cultures can go in a circle. Eurovision is an example for this. We made the EU accept our cultural music styles and our music went in a circle. So I show “Eurovision” as a new symbol to those people. To conclude, the EU will benefit Turkey and Turkey will benefit the EU. We can even be a leader of the Europe, when we join the EU and solve our problems. Maybe, that’s the biggest reason that many European people don’t want us to join the EU.


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