Some Of My 2019 Videos

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S MOTOWN ERA SOLO ALBUMS: Today is Michael Jackson’s birthday. To celebrate it, I talked about his Motown era solo albums: “Got To Be There”, “Ben”, “Music And Me”, “Forever, Michael” and “Farewell My Summer Love”… (29.08.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “THE WIZ” SINGLES AND ALBUM: If there wasn’t “The Wiz” soundtrack, “Off The Wall” and “Thriller” wouldn’t be made. That’s why, this time I showed my “The Wiz” archive. I had to talk about Diana Ross and other soundtracks, also. (11.07.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “OFF THE WALL” SINGLES AND ALBUM: This time, I talked about “Off The Wall” album of Michael Jackson who passed away 10 years ago… It was debut album of his Epic era. (28.06.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “THRILLER” SINGLES AND ALBUM: Today’s subject is about the most selling album of all time “Thriller”… I’m sorry, I wanted to say “Eighty Four and Five” but I said “Eighteen”… 🙈 (13.06.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S BAD SINGLES AND ALBUM: This time, we are in 1987… (01.06.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S DANGEROUS SINGLES AND ALBUM: Sorry, I wanted to say “Her name was published as Mystery Girl” in the video but I have forgetten. 🙈 Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” album is the best album of all time, I think! (17.05.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S HIStory SINGLES AND ALBUM: This time, I’ve made a longer video, because I talked about “HIStory Past, Present and Future Book 1” and “Blood On The Dance Floor / HIStory in the Mix” albums’ singles and DVD’s… (04.05.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “INVINCIBLE” ALBUM: At last, it’s time to talk about legendary main Michael Jackson albums. “Invincible” was the King Of Pop’s last studio album. It was perfect! (24.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “NUMBER ONES” ALBUM: Just like Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, King Of Pop also published an album called “Number Ones”… (23.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION” ALBUM: This album is the best box-set of all time, I think! (22.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “KING OF POP” ALBUM: This album was published to celebrate King Of Pop’s 50th Birthday… And this was the last album published when Michael Jackson was living. So this is an important material. (20.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “THIS IS IT” ALBUM: Actually it was soundtrack but I wanted to talk about this album, because there were 2 unreleased tracks… (19.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “MICHAEL” ALBUM: Today, I wanted to show my “Michael” singles… (16.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S “IMMORTAL” ALBUM: Now it is time to talk about The King Of Pop’s “Immortal” album… (14.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S XSCAPE ALBUM: Actually I wanted to make a live webcam video. However, YouTube didn’t let me to do it, because they wanted 1000 members. If you want me to make live camera shows, please subscribe to my channel… Today, I’ve talked about Michael Jackson’s “Xscape” album… (14.04.2019)

TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S GREATEST HITS ALBUMS: As you remember I made videos to some of Michael Jackson’s Best Of albums just like Immortal or HIStory… But there were some unreleased tracks on that materials. One of my members asked “Why didn’t you do a video to ‘The Essential Michael Jackson’?” to me. I told him “But there are more collection albums” to him and then decided to make one video to other Greatest Hits albums of the King Of Pop… (05.11.2019)


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