Biography Of Madonna (2006)

Welcome to the queen of music Madonna’s part!

Who is the most famous female singer?Of course:Madonna…She is the queen.Her every movement is very important event for media and people.But she didn’t come this place easily. music6
Maddy was born in 16 August 1958 near Detroit.She was the eldest daughter.They were eight children.Madonna’s mother was cancer.Then her mother died when she was just six.She was shocked.Her mother’s name was Madonna Fortin Ciccone and father’s was Sylvio Anthony.Her siblings are Martin,Anthony,Christopher,Paula,Melanie,Mario and Jennifer… She started music and dance at school shows.She learned piano,ballet,etc. In 1977,she moved to New York.Legend has it that she set down in Times Square with only thirty-five dollars and abundant ambition to her name. She worked in many jobs.She worked in many jobs.She worked as a band vocal and as a dancer,too.She had earned a spot with the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe.She worked with Pearl Lange,Alvin Ailey,Martha Graham,etc.Then she met DJ Mark Kamins in 1982.It was the beginning of legend.She signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. and she made her first album in 1983.Female stars were very few,but when Madonna started her career,female stars became more.Many of them were imitating Madonna but they couldn’t be like Madonna.
Everybody started to talking about Madonna.Media said:”Madonna is new Marilyn Monroe” but years made Madonna’s name more bigger.She became the most succesful and famous lady in the world.In 1984,she made her second album “Like A Virgin” and her first movie “Vision Quest”.She was succesful at movies,too.Many people criticized her actress career but she was famous at movies,too.Especially,”Evita” was good.She acted in 16 movies like “Who’s that girl?”,”Dick Tracy” at 20th century.”The Next Best Thing” is in 2000 but it was in 1999.She tested many works but the singer Madonna was more famous. She made 13 albums in 20th century like “True Blue”,”Ray of light”,”Erotica”…Three of them were soundtracks,one of them was remix album,and 2 of them were collection.The others were studio albums but all of her albums were very succesful.She made many duets with stars,but we couldn’t listen her duet with Michael Jackson.It was the biggest mistake of the century. She made 4 big tours.Her first tour was “The Virgin Tour” in 1985.The others were “Who’s that girl?” (1987),”Blond Ambition” (1990) and “The Girlie Show” (1993).She came to Turkey in 1993,too but I couldn’t go. 🙁
She married with Sean Penn in 1985.3 years later,they divorced.In 1996 she gave birth to Lourdes Maria.Lourdes’ father was Carlos Leon. Now,she is not too crazy,she is a mother.

FULL NAME=Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

Madonna (1983)
Like A Virgin (1984)
True Blue (1986)
Who’s that Girl? (1987)
You Can Dance (1987)
Like A Prayer (1989)
I’m Breathless (1990)
The Immaculate Collection (1990)
Erotica (1992)
Bedtime Stories (1994)
Something to Remember (1995)
Evita (1996)
Ray of Light (1998)
Music (2000)
Greatest Hits Volume 2 (2001)
American Life (2003)
Remixed & Revisited (2003)
Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005)

FIRST MADONNA ALBUM WHICH “Turgay Suat Tarcan” BOUGHT=I’m Breathless


Vision Quest (1984)
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
Shanghai Surprise (1986)
Who’s that girl? (1987)
Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989)
Dick Tracy (1990)
Truth Or Dare (1991)
Shadows&Fog (1992)
A League of Their own (1992)
Body of Evidence (1993)
Blue In The Face (1995)
Four Rooms (1995)
Girl 6 (1996)
Evita (1996)
The Next Best Thing (2000)
The Hire: Star (2001)
Swept Away (2002)
Die Another Day (2002)
I’m Going To Tell You A Secret (2005)

Goose and Tomtom (1986)
Speed The Plow (1988)

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