Biography Of Mariah Carey (2006)

Welcome to the diva of music Mariah Carey’s part!

Oh,what a voice…What a beuty…
Mariah Carey is one of the most successful divas.But I think she is the best musician diva…Many Mariah Carey singles were #1…
Her songs are great. carey
There was a cross-bred,beautiful girl.She had got a very super voice.She recorded a demo to become a resl singer.She went to a party.Sony Music owner Tommy Mottola was there,too.She gave the demo to Tommy.Tommy listened to demo in his car and returned to the party to find Mariah Carey.It was a tale like Cinderella…Tommy and Mariah married until 1998.A music entertainment president didn’t know that his wife would the most selling diva… Mariah was born to a half-Venezuelan,half-black father and an Irish mother.Mother Patricia was an opera singer and vocal coach.Mariah’s voice is gonna came from her mother’s voice and black voice.Her mother and father divorced when Mariah was 3 years old.Mariah’s older sister moved in with their father,and her older brother was soon off to college,leaving just Mariah at home with a mother who struggled to make ends meet. Mariah sang for friends,and performed in talent shows and at folk-music festivals.Mariah moved to the big city.After 10 months,she became a mega star.Brenda K.Starr helped her. Her first album was “Mariah Carey” in 1990.Somebody said:”She is a new rival for Whitney Houston” but Mariah became the most successful singer.She started to be No.1 singer with her first album. Her second album was “Emotions” in 1991.It racked up additional millions in sales.She became a mega star. She gave a concert for MTV in 1992.MTV recorded it and it became a “MTV Unplugged” album.She singed The Jackson 5’s “I will be there” in this concert,too. I was listening to radio in my walkman in Didim (a Turkey summer city) in 1993.I was looking for a good channel.Oh,what is this?A beautiful song,a beautiful voice:”I can’t live if living is without you,I can’t live,I can’t give anymore”…My first meeting with her was this song.I saw Mariah Carey in magazines before but I didn’t know she was her.I bought “Music Box” and I became a fan of Mariah Carey. In 1994 she singed Christmas songs in the album:”Merry Christmas”…Mariah Carey says “I made this album because christmas is my favorite time of year and I wanted to share it with you” about this album. In 1995 “Daydream” came.Daydream earned another six Grammy nominations and helped push her career sales to the 80 million mark. In 1997 her favorite album “Butterfly” came.It was successful like all of her albums. Her all albums are successful because they bringed #1 songs.She did an album for #1 songs and bonus tracks.Mariah says “This is not a greatest hits album!It’s too soon,I haven’t been recording long enough for that!This album is a ‘thank you’ and and an acknowledgment of my gratitude to all of you out here for making these records #1 on the charts” about this “#1’s” album. April 1998 saw Carey sharing the stage with an impressive group of women-Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, Carole King and Shania Twain-on VH1’s Divas Live.This was the first “Divas Live” album. In 1999 she returned with “Rainbow”.It is her last album while I am writing these. She singed with many people like Whitney Houston,Jay-Z,Usher,Da Brat,Missy Elliolt,Snoop Doggy Dogg,Joe&98 Degrees,Trey Lorenz,Boyz 2 Men,JD,Brian McKnight,Luther Vandross,O.D.B,Pavorotti,etc.In 1999 she as in the same stage with Michael Jackson.The concert’s name was:”Michael Jackson and his friends”…I hope they will do a duet for an album. mariah
In 2000 Mariah Carey left Sony Music and went to Virgin Records. The first Mariah-Virgin album was “Glitter” which was published in 2001. It was soundtrack of her movie “Glitter”! In the same year Sony published “Greatest Hits”
In 2002 she made an album named “Charmbracelet”. That album showed that Mariah Carey is still successful. She was back to her old days. Her duet with Busta Rhymes named “I Know What You Want” was so successful that she decided to put it to her album “The Remixes” as a bonus track.
In 2005 she came back with “The Emancipation of Mimi”. Many people were thinking Mariah finished but they were shocked when Mariah became successful like the old days and added new records to her record book.
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I am a big fan of Mariah and just wanted to let you know not dissing you or anything but there was a few errors in your Mariah. Opening statement like:
-Mariah recorded demo in high school
-Mariah’s friend slipped her demo in Tommy’s Coat Pocket
-He turned around, went back
-She wasn’t there
-He contacted her the next day and signed her
-He is CEO of Columbia Sony Entertainment
-One of the biggest Lables in the world Divorced in 97
-Brenda K Star really didn’t help much with the first album
-She was there for like support that’s about it
-People used to say another white singer trying to sing black which she proved them all wrong
-Mariah holds the record to beat all with the most consecutive #1 hits including The Beatles
And some more sorry, so bad of a e-mail, just thought you might want some facts…

TST’s NOTE: Thank you very much, Leo.

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