Biography Of Sezen Aksu (2006)

Madonna is the queen of pop. Madonna is the international queen. Do you know Turkey’s queen of pop? The queen of Turkish pop (even queen of Turkish music) is Sezen Aksu. Also she is too mediatic. Now I want to tell about Sezen Aksu.
Sezen Aksu was born in 13.7.1954 in Saraykoy in Denizli. Her original surname was Yildirim. Her parents were teachers. Sezen and her family moved to Izmir when she was just 3. She studied agriculture faculty at university. Then she studied Turkish Music in Izmir Artisan Association. sezen
Sezen Aksu started Turkish Pop Music in 1975. She composed songs over than 300. Her first song was “Kusura Bakma” (“Sorry”). She was 18 when she composed the song.
Sezen Aksu’s first album was “Serce”(“Sparrow”). She made the album in 1978. “Serce”‘s first hit was “Kaybolan Yillar” (“Missing Years”). “Serce” brought a song whose name was “Minik Serce”. “Minik Serce” means “Small Sparrow” and people started to call Sezen Aksu as “Minik Serce”. But also people call her as “the queen” (“kralice”).
Sezen Aksu acted at movies and in theatres, too. She made her first movie in 1979.
Sezen Aksu started to give songs to the other singers like Aysegul Aldinc, Tarkan, Hulya Avsar, Deniz Seki, Holly Valance, etc. Also she made new singers like Sertab Erener, Levent Yuksel, Askin Nur Yengi, Harun Kolcak, etc. I can’t count all of the singers’ names because nearly all of Turkish singers want help from Sezen Aksu. Sezen Aksu is a creative angel. All of Sezen Aksu songs which she composed are hits like Simarik, Kiss Kiss, Sen Aglama, Sari Odalar, Sikidim, Gulumse, Onursuz olmasin ask, Hadi Bakalim, etc.
Sezen Aksu was married many times and she has got a son; Mithat Can.
Sezen Aksu has got many success, so I can’t write all of them. She is the most succesful singer in Turkey…


Aglamak Guzeldir-Crying is beautiful
Sen Aglama-Don’t cry
Sezen Aksu’88
Sezen Aksu Soyluyor-Sezen Aksu is Singing
Deli Kizin Turkusu-Crazy Girl’s Song
Isik Dogudan Yukselir-Light Rises from The East
Dus Bahceleri-Dream Gardens
Dugun ve Cenaze-Feast and Funeral
Adi Bende Sakli-Its Name is Hidden by me
Sari Odalar-Yellow Rooms
DeliVeren-Crazy Giver
Sarki Soylemek Lazim-Song must be sung
Yaz Bitmeden-Before The Summer Finishes

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