Biography Of Özlem Tekin (2006)

Ozlem Tekin is one of the first female rockers of the first female music band “Volvox” in Turkey. But also she is the first alternative star in Turkey. Because her first solo album was not only including rock. Her music was mixed; pop, rock, electronic and dance… The first female rocker is Sebnem Ferah but Turks still say “rocker” to Ozlem Tekin because Ozlem Tekin worked very hard for Turkish rock when Turkish Rock was only underground music.
Ozlem Tekin was born in 18.11.1971 in California. Her family backed from USA to Turkey when Ozlem Tekin was only 4. She always wanted to be a famous singer. Ozlem Tekin studied Classic West Music at Hacettepe University. She spent her kid&teenager life at Ankara. ozlemtekin02
First of all she worked with “The Bad”. The Bad was an underground rock band like the other rock bands and Ozlem Tekin was the vocalist. She met Sebnem Ferah in 1993 and she became keyboard player of the succesful underground female rock band “Volvox”. Ozlem Tekin was the keyboard player but sometimes she sang songs when the vocalist Sebnem Ferah was tired.
Ozlem Tekin started to work for her first solo album when it was 04.07.1994… She met a singer&owner of “Peker Music”; Hakan Peker and they published her first album when it was January 1996. Her first hit “Ask herseyi affeder mi?-Does love forgive everything?” became very popular and everybody started to talk about the different&crazy&marginal singer Ozlem Tekin. Her album’s name was “Kime ne-People don’t care”…
Ozlem Tekin left Hakan Peker’s music firm and went to Istanbul Plak which had got singers like Tarkan, Mirkelam. Ozlem Tekin made her second album in February 1998. Her second hit “Yol-Road”, which was from her second album ‘Oz-Self’, was very succesful and the famous French Music Channel MCM showed her 5th music video “Yol” many times.
Next year (in 1999) she made her 3th album “Laubali-Saucy”… It was very succesful, too. Kids started to be Ozlem Tekin fans.
She did background vocals for stars like Teoman, Kargo because in Turkey stars help each other.
In the Summer of 2000, she did a music program on a TV Kanal D which name was “Yaz Ruzgari-Summer Wind”… The show was just 1 hour but it was 5 days per a week; very funny, crazy and enjoyable.
In 2002, her fourth album “Tek Basima-On My Own” was published. The album was very successful, too but media interested in her life much more. Because her ex-husband Pashan Music had died of AIDS. She also played in TV Series “Karaoglan” and movie “O Simdi Asker-Now He’s Soldier”. She had played in “Tatli Kaciklar-Sweet Crazies” (1996) before but it was a small role. She showed her ability in 2002. However, “O Simdi Asker” was showed in cinemas in 2003.
In 2004, she acted in a musical called “Mucizeler Komedisi-Miracles Comedy” with Pamela Spence, Sener Sen, Mirkelam, Guven Kirac and Sevket Coruh. This musical show was published as VCD and DVD in 2006.
In 2005, her fifth album “10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0” was published. Maybe this album was her best album ever, but this album couldn’t be popular like her previous albums.

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