İLKER ALTIPARMAK: Ilker made the animation which you can see above. He is also one of my friends who I search for when I’ve got a problem with my computer. He also helped me while I was moving my web site to my new server. Thank you and good luck with your computer/internet career.
TOLGA SAYGI: He really helped me very much.I made this site’s sight with his support. He answered my questions with sincerity. I would like to thank him very much.
AHMET EDİP TAŞOĞLU: When I was moving my web site to my own server, he helped me.
Made_by_Margie-26.08.04ÖZGÜR ULUKAN: For the year 2016, he made a modern system for my web site. He helped me very much, maybe more than Tolga Saygı.
MARGIE DE-FARIA: She letted me to use her web site’s images. Also she sent me some photos which I want like Maddy&MJ together and made a photomontage. Thanks a lot.
MELİS TAŞ: We learnt how to be a webmaster together. Because we always tell something which we learnt and proposed each other. Thank you for your suggestions,Britney Fan…
ERSİN EROL: He teached something to me and proposed something. I took my old domain name because of his knowledge.
TANESE: Tanese is my special guest.Because she always comes to my forum and writes something. Thank you,Tanese…
ERCAN DEMİREL: He made my banner which you can see above. And also he letted me to take his web site’s Barış Manço photos.499455
G.ISABELLA: She sent me “We are the world”‘s lyrics. You can see that in Michael Jackson part.
FARUK OĞUZ: He letted me to take his web site’s Şebnem Ferah photos.
JEFF ENDO: He solved my problems at my Freeservers pages. I didn’t make the same pages again.
GÜL AYAYDIN: She scanned some of my photos. Thanks a lot.
TSVIKA KRAUZER: I first learnt how to make a web site at Treeway. I became a webmaster earlier. (22.11.1999)
BLUE JEAN: This is the most famous Turkish music magazine which I buy since January 1993… They let me to write Volvox feature even it’s difficult to take something from Blue Jean. Thank them, especially Tolga Akyıldız…
LORI WALKER: She made a wonderful art for me. Isn’t it great?

tstDENİZ MERMER: He made a great banner for me. I will always use it.
ASLI GÖKYOKUŞ: She is one of the best Turkish rockers. I mailed her and she letted me to use her photos and information which are in her offical web site. I thank to you, Aslı… For your beautiful songs and your help for my web site.
SUAT GÜLDEN: Our Dance Club member Suat is one of the people who scanned my photos for my web site.
DOĞUKAN HAZAR MANÇO: He is the son of the most famous Turkish singer Barış Manço. He answered TST Interactive questions from USA. Thank you, Doğukan.
mirhanMİRHAN KARADENİZ: Mjturkfan owner Mirhan made great photo montages for me. Maybe you thought they were real photos 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep Michaeling!
BERK HAKAN: My university friend, thank you for teaching me how to cut photo.
CAN ÖZDİLEK: Turkey’s biggest Mariah Carey fan and also Blue Jean magazine journalist Can, corrected my mistakes which are at “Mariah Carey” section. Good work! Thanks!
ALL OF MY GUESTS: Thanks a lot to all of you. I must count you. Especially people who signed my guestbook and forum.

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