HIStory – Past, Present and Future Book 1




1- Billie Jean
2- The Way You Make Me Feel
3- Black Or White
4- Rock With You
5- She’s Out Of My Life
6- Bad
7- I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
8- Man In The Mirror
9- Thriller
10- Beat It
11- The Girl Is Mine
12- Remember The Time
13- Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough
14- Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
15- Heal The World


1- Scream
2- They Don’t Care About Us
3- Stranger in Moscow
4- This Time Around
5- Earth Song
6- D.S.
7- Money
8- Come Together
9- You Are Not Alone
10- Childhood (Theme from ”Free Willy 2”)
11- Tabloid Junkie
12- 2 Bad
13- History
14- Little Susie / Pie Jesu
15- Smile


1- Blood on the Dance Floor
2- Morphine
3- Superfly Sister
4- Ghosts
5- Is It Scary
6- Scream Louder (Flyte Tyme Remix) (duet with Janet Jackson)
7- Money (Fire Island Radio Edit)
8- 2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix) (featuring John Forté)
9- Stranger in Moscow (Tee’s In-House Club Mix)
10- This Time Around (D.M. Radio Mix)
11- Earth Song (Hani’s Club Experience)
12- You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Mix)
13- HIStory (Tony Moran’s HIStory Lesson)



TONY MORAN’S MICHAEL JACKSON MEGAMIX: Gone Too Soon, Thriller, Billie Jean, Bad, Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough, Black Or White, Remember The Time, The Way You Make Me Feel, Jam, Wanna Be Startin’ Something, Rock With You, Beat It… These were just a few of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. When “HIStory Begins” came in 1995, DJ Tony Moran made a super remix with these incredible songs. I remember watching the original video of the megamix when I was 14 years old in music channels such as MTV, MCM and Number One TV. In 2012, I made my own version. I hope you’ll like it…

MTV PERFORMANCE 1995 MIX: In 1996, I danced with Michael Jackson’s “MTV Awards 1995 Performance” which is a megamix of “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Scream”, “Beat It”, “Black or White” and “Billie Jean”… However, the quality of the video was very bad. So I montaged full videos of these songs and re-made a higher quality of this megamix. I mean I changed the scenes with other videos of mine. Moreover, I had to use some of scenes from the bad quality one, too. But I loved the mix… 1044 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 14-07-2008 and 14-04-2013. If you want to watch full versions of these songs, search for them in my account.

BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR (FIRE ISLAND VOCAL MIX): In 2005, I made the third part of my dance life summary. In this video, you’ll be able to watch my music videos’ summary from 1996 (which is a date I made my first dance videos) to 2005. This is part 3 of “TST Dance Life Summary” and called “Blood On The Dance Floor – Fire Island Vocal Mix”… Anyway, in fact in the screens, I don’t dance just with Michael Jackson’s songs. 912 people watched this video between 13-07-2008 and 24-03-2013.

BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR: This video was recorded in 2003, montaged in 2005. I dance with “Blood On The Dance Floor”. 759 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 17-07-2008 and 10-03-2013.

MORPHINE: In August 2010, I’ve made a video for “Morphine”… In 2004, I used the song with Michael Jackson’s videos. Since then, it was watched by millions of people in web sites, especially YouTube. MJ Fans really liked the montage. This time, I’ve danced with the great song. However, you’ll able to watch the original video on my television screen which is on backside. 205 people watched my version at DailyMotion between 02-09-2010 and 08-04-2013.

SUPERFLY SISTER: I make videos since 1996. However, I started to make these videos applicable for computers in 2004. This is my first montage video which I used my videos and did with my computer’s Movie Maker. If you haven’t got time to watch all of my own videos, I advise you to watch my “TST Dance Life Summary” videos. This is part 1 of the series. This video is also all of my friends’ and relatives’ favorite video of mine. People say that this is my best mounting video, because they have fun when they watch this video. I am sure that I will entertain you with this video. After watching this video, you will understand that “Superfly Sister” is a perfect song to dance and to be entartained. You will also recognize that I try to dance MJ, but also I dance with my own style, after watching “TST Dance Life Summary” Series. You will be able to see me in 1993 to 2004 and you will be surprised that I’ve changed a lot. Junior High School, High School and university days of mine in the same video… 497 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 13-07-2008 and 14-04-2013.

GHOSTS: In August 2010, I’ve made a video for Ghosts. In this video, you’ll see my dance with Ghosts. You’ll able to see my face on Michael’s and Avatar body. I’m wearing a horror mask, too. 479 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 25-08-2010 and 24-03-2013.

IS IT SCARY (DEEP DISH DARK & SCARY REMIX): 21-08-2008 tarihinde partilerde, üniversitedeyken sınıfta, evde, orda burda çekilen cep telefonu, dijital kamera, normal kamera görüntülerini bir araya topladım. Bazıları kalitesiz görüntü. Öylesine yaptım. 22-08-2008 ve 31-03-2013 tarihleri arasında bu klibimi DailyMotion’da 877 kişi izledi. adresinden detayları öğrenebileceğiniz başındaki pankart fotoğraflarını tek başına YouTube’da “MjTurkFan Poster on Neverland’s door in 2005” başlığıyla koymuştum ve 04.12.2007 ile 31.03.2013 tarihleri arasında 1920 kişi izlemişti. Açıklamasında ise şunları yazmıştım:
“In 2005, the trials started. I knew Michael was innocent from the bottom of my heart. Marjorie De-faria who is the webmaster of Butterflies was my net friend since 1999. She was living in the USA where also MJ was living and I was living in Turkey and my country was far away from Neverland. However I and my friends from MjTurkFan (it is offical Turkish Michael Jackson Fan Club which was founded in 2001) wanted to show Turkish fans’ support to Michael. Of course, we were sending messages from the internet. Some of them was given to Michael already by Karen Faye. (I organized the message book’s Turkey Part by the help of Margie, again) However, we also wanted to show the world that Turkish fans was supporting Michael, but we didn’t know how to do it. None of the members could go to the USA. Thanks to Margie, she made a poster representing Turkish Michael Jackson Fans with using the photos which I sent to her and she & her friends hanged the poster on Michael Jackson’s house Neverland’s door. Santa Barbara Newspaper took a picture of this poster, published it in June 2005 and the world saw Turkish MJ Fans’ support. I still can’t believe it. I had two photos on the poster. Many people saw the poster including Michael Jackson. After that, the jury saw that Michael was really innocent and he was acquitted from the claims. I knew he was innocent since 1993. I was right. The world learned the truth. Maybe, our poster bringed him luck. Who knows? Thanks Margie again. She also made a “Turkey Support Part” in her old web site Dangerous while the people and the media were accussing him by the materials I provided her. I don’t know how to thank her.”

SCREAM: I really love this video, because I am very good looking, cute, smart, chic more than ever and future in this video. The date was 1996 and I was 15 years old. My hair was great. I hadn’t a navel. I was thin. I was a handsome boy. Oh, I should make diet. 🙁 Anyway, I dance with Michael Jackson&Janet Jackson duet “Scream” song in this video. You have to see it, because people think that this is my best video with little mounting. Even anti-MJ Fans think like that… I don’t dance great but you will enjoy my dance… 3562 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 11-07-2008 and 10-03-2013!

THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US (MUSIC VIDEO VERSION): In 1996, Michael made a music video for “They Don’t Care About Us”… So did I. 🙂 1372 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 16-07-2008 and 14-04-2013!

STRANGER IN MOSCOW (HANI’S NUM RADIO REMIX): 20 years ago, I mean in 1996, one of my first dance videos was “You Are Not Alone” from Michael Jackson’s HIStory album. And after 20 years, I mean in 2016, at last I’ve finished making music videos for his HIStory box-set. The last song which I made video for from the HIStory album became “Stranger in Moscow”… Michael Jackson’s “HIStory – Past, Present and Future Book 1” contains 3 discs: “HIStory Begins”, “HIStory Continues” and “Blood On The Dance Floor / HIStory in the Mix”… In 20 years, I’ve danced for all of the songs of this box-set. Some of them were with original versions, some of them were with remixes or concert versions. For example, in the first “You Are Not Alone” video from the album, I used MTV Live version in 1996 and in the last “Stranger in Moscow” video, I’ve used Hani’s Num Radio Mix. As soon as possible, I want to make a web page for this album in my web site like #Thriller, #Bad, #Dangerous, #NumberOnes, #ThisIsIt, #Michael, #Immortal and #Xscape. HIStory is very important era for me, because in my first HIStory era video, I was 15 years old. However, in my last HIStory era video, I am 35 years old. And it is coincidence that I wore costumes with camouflage figure in both videos. (Written in 26.02.2016)

THIS TIME AROUND (D.M. RADIO MIX): 28 Ağustos 2011’de MjTurkLover üyeleri Bakırköy’deki Cafe Caprisse’de Michael Jackson’ın 53. doğum günü partisini kutladı. Gürkan Akdeniz’in de katılımıyla ben de bir dans gösterisi gerçekleştirdim Popun Kralı anısına… Bu video DailyMotion’da 29-08-2011 ve 21-04-2013 tarihleri arasında 236 kişi tarafından izlendi.

EARTH SONG: I re-recorded “Earth Song” video with myself when I was 15 years old. 1368 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 16-07-2008 and 24-03-2013.

D.S. (TST LIVE IN CEVAHİR SHOPPING CENTER): In 28 June 2008, I’ve made a performance of “D.S.” which is a song written to Tom Sneddon, in Europe’s biggest shopping center Cevahir Alisveris Merkezi.
This was exposition of our Michael Jackson archives and some of Michael Jackson fans danced like Hüseyin Karanfil, Burak Altın, Erkal Elmaağaçlıoğlu, Engin Deniz Özgen, Halil Karabacak, Turgay Suat Tarcan, Berat Altın, Tan Nalbantoğlu, İbrahim Ramazan Yıldırım, Can Köymen, Yiğit Altun, Emrah, etc in this show.
I want to thank Davut Baysal for organizing this project, Doğan Adıyaman for taking my pictures and Gökhan Abdik & Cihan Eldem for giving their voices for this music video. 2721 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 11-08-2008 and 24-03-2013. Also, 285 people watched this video at YouTube between 13.01.2011 and 24.03.2013…

MONEY (FIRE ISLAND RADIO EDIT): R. Kelly, Pet Shop Boys, Kenan Doğulu, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Donna Summer, Pink Floyd, ABBA, Liza Minelli, Dire Straits, Gwen Stefani, Simply Red and many more made songs about money, becuase as R.Kelly said, money makes the world go round. All of the songs are one of the greatest songs ever. However, my favourite one is Michael Jackson’s Money! The reason is I like dancing with this song! By the way, this video is also tribute to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He is the man who appears on Turkish moneys. He was the best leader in the world, I think. I took out turban and wore fedora hat, because Atatürk made hat reform in Turkey many years ago. And both Michael Jackson and Ataturk love hats!

COME TOGETHER (MOONWALKER VERSION): In 1988, Michael Jackson singed Beatles cover “Come Together” in his “Moonwalker” movie. MJ Fans loved this cover, but had to wait until 1995 to have this song. However, in “HIStory” album, “Come Together” wasn’t the full version. They cut the song with fading. In 1996, I made a video for this song by recording myself. I didn’t dance with “Come Together”s “HIStory version”, because it was shorter. I used this cover’s “Moonwalker version”; I mean the full version… John Lennon and Paul MCCartney; thank you for composing this song. Michael, thank you for singing this song. This song is a huge classic. 1434 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 16-07-2008 and 18-03-2013!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE (MTV VERSION): This is my first slow video. This was my second full song video of all time even my full slow videos are very rare. I recorded this video with MTV Video Music Awards 1995 performance’s version.

CHILDHOOD: In 1996, I made play-back for Childhood but it was short. I was 15 years old in those days. After years, I decided to make a video for this incredible movie theme, but I didn’t want to use my new image, because I was 29 years old those days. I wanted to use my childhood images and it became an emotional video including my childhood memories. 600 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 12-03-2010 and 17-03-2013.

TABLOID JUNKIE: In August 2010, I’ve made a video for “Tabloid Junkie”… In 2004, I used the song with Michael Jackson’s videos. Since then, they were watched by millions of people in web sites, especially YouTube. MJ Fans really liked the montages. This time, I’ve danced with the great song. However, you’ll able to watch the original video on my television screen which is on backside. 205 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 02-09-2010 and 14-04-2013.

2 BAD: This video is a combination of my 2 Bad video, waste screens of my other videos and unused images of mine. 12.048 people watched this video in DailyMotion between 13-07-2008 and 17-02-2013.

TONY MORAN’S HIStory LESSON VERSION 1: In 21.08.2008, I’ve made a music video called “HIStory Remix”… This means TST Dance Life series continue after “Superfly Sister”, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ Remix” and “Blood On The Dance Floor / Fire Island Vocal Mix”. This video includes various screens including my and my friends’ performance at Studio Live Technik Bar in Taksim. 1689 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 22-08-2008 and 12-05-2013.

TONY MORAN’S HIStory LESSON VERSION 2: In 1997, I danced with this incredible remix, “Tony Moran’s HIStory Lesson”… However the tape was finished and it remained half for years until 2011. This time, I’ve finished this video with a new image and appearance. Of course, in 2008 I made a video for my favourite remix but it was with screens from my other videos. I dance with just “HIStory” in this version. 101 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 14-02-2011 and 21-04-2013.

LITTLE SUSIE: In 2005, I made a video of Michael Jackson’s “Little Susie” video and published it in YouTube. My video became a hit and other fans tried to make videos like mine. This time, in 22.08.2009, I sat down in front of the video and made play-back. The day I put this video to DailyMotion, I’ve learned that the fact that Michael Jackson was murdered was announced officaly. I was sure that somebody killed Michael Jackson, too. So I dedicate this video to both Michael Jackson and Little Susie. I hope their murderers will live on hell. 739 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 25-08-2009 and 08-04-2013.

SMILE: I am a Michael Jackson Fan and I admire Charlie Chaplin since my childhood. I wanted to impersonate Charlie Chaplin, not MJ in this video, because I know that if MJ could make a music video for this incredible song “Smile”, he would do the same just like his photos while impersonating Charlie Chaplin. I hope they are happy in the heaven. 604 people watched this video at DailyMotion between 12-03-2010 and 14-04-2013.

P.S: All of these videos are moved to my #YouTube play list.

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