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You know that, I put my old and new videos to my web site. However, some of my videos didn’t have a chance to enter my pages, because they didn’t have a category. That’s why I put them together in one page. So I could archive them and their descriptions in my web site.

SAY SAY SAY – HI TACK MIX: “Say Say Say” is a very great duet but we had to wait 2008 for this song enter a Michael Jackson album. It was “King Of Pop” album. I still want to buy Paul McCartney’s “Pipes of Pieces” album too but I can’t find it in Turkey. Anyway, this is not original version. This is remix of the song. This video is watched 1825 times at DailyMotion between 05-02-2009 and 05-05-2013. (P.S.: I found “Pipes of Pieces” later)

MICHAEL JACKSON SAPLING TRIBUTE BY TURKISH FANS – MICHAEL JACKSON İÇİN BİR FİDAN: 3 days ago, MJ Turkey members made a tribute to Michael Jackson by planting saplings. R.I.P. Michael Jackson! (Description Written in 27.06.2018)
SHOUT: “Shout” is one of my favourite unreleased Michael Jackson songs. In 20.01.2017, I decided to make a personal music video for that song. I put my evolution video, becuase about 14 years ago, when I made a “Shout” video which contains Michael Jackson screens, I had put his evolution video. It was similar to mine. This video also contains my Snapchat and Yeşilçam Museum screens.

SNAPCHAT MEGAMIX 1: In 2016, I’ve made two megamixes which contain my Snapchat videos. In 13.08.2016, I’ve made part one of my Snapchat fun! This video includes my first Snapchat videos.

SNAPCHAT MEGAMIX 2: In 30.10.2016, I’ve made second and probably the last megamix of my Snapchat videos. Because I gave up to make seperated vidoes for my Snapchat videos. After that, I started to put them into Michael Jackson songs. In my Snapchat profile, about 40 or 50 people watched them and also in my Instagram story, more than 200 people watched the videos which I made for fun…

SERIOUS EFFECT: In 2011, I continue to make MJ impersonatar videos for having fun… I also made a video for “Hollywood Tonight” the same day. You can watch it at
112 people watched the video at DailyMotion in 7 years. However, 43.015 people watched the video where you can see in my television at YouTube between 02.03.2007 and 05.02.2018…

LISA IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY: 6 years ago, I made a new music video. This time for Michael Jackson’s cartoon song “Lisa It’s Your Birthday”… I made this video with my MJ and Bart Simpson toys and also a cardboard of The Simpsons which Cnbc-e magazine gave to its readers… 2,819 people watched this video at YouTube between 16.01.2012 and 05.02.2018 and 484 additional people watched it at DailyMotion between the same dates.

FLIPPY MEGAMIX: In 2016, I liked Flippy apllication very much and I made lots of videos with it… In 13.08.2016, I made my first Flippy videos together and I called it “Flippy Megamix”… I’ve continued to do videos with the application, but I put them before or after my normal videos. Then, the application started to work with errors. I deleted it but my videos stayed as a memory. Here you are…

P.S.: You can watch these videos at #YouTube playlist.

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